The Narrative Change Academy (NCA) reflects on its first implementation and notes that polarising, racist and Islamophobic attitudes pose a significant challenge to social cohesion in many European societies. Discourses on integration and immigration are often characterised by prejudice and hostility and require correction to enable factual discussions free from resentment. The NCA is a European platform focussing on the topic of Islam in Europe with the aim of combating Islamophobic attitudes and discourses. As part of the first realisation, the participants developed digital campaigns together with experts to disseminate value-based, post-migrant and inclusive narratives about Muslim people in Europe.


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AutorJasemin Seven / Mouna Chatt / Kübra Sariyar / David Bakum
Heraus­geberSchwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa/ Junge Islam Konferenz
VeröffentlichungMai 2024

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