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Generating Prospects, Creating Opportunities

Stiftung Mercator is an independent private foundation. We want to strengthen Europe, improve integration through equal educational opportunities for everyone, drive forward the energy transition as a trigger for global climate change mitigation and firmly anchor cultural education in schools.


A press release des European Policy Centre (EPC)

Major new cooperation project in 2017: "Connecting Europe" with Stiftung Mercator

The European Policy Centre and Stiftung Mercator are pleased to announce a major new project, “Connecting Europe”.

Where we achieve impact

We focus on selected regions in our work. We feel a particular obligation to Essen and the Ruhr region, as this is where Stiftung Mercator is at home. Our projects achieve impact on many levels throughout Germany, and many discussions take place in Berlin, which is an important site of political communication. In addition, our activities in Europe, Turkey and China are of key importance in our view if international challenges are to be successfully overcome.

What we support

Looking for a grant? Our FAQ for applicants contain all the answers you will need to find out whether your project would meet our criteria.

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For journalists

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