The outbreak of COVID-19 is a dramatic development whose consequences for all of us cannot be foreseen as yet, and which will also affect civil society organizations and NGOs in Germany, Europe and the entire world. We would like to assure you that we wish to be good partners and reliable supporters, as part of our society that must now concentrate on containing the pandemic and combating its effects. In addition, we want to be flexible enough to make any necessary adjustments to the activities we support. We do not wish to exert any additional pressure, and will be adaptable in the support we provide. We will continue to approve grants and remain fully at your disposal for any enquiries.


We wish to inform our partners that all promised grants are secure and will continue to be paid out as agreed during these extraordinary circumstances. In addition, we wish to draw attention to the following:

  • Any project components that cannot be implemented at the current time can be postponed simply by extending the funding period (with no impact on costs) for up to one year with respect to the approved grant duration. This applies in particular to events, trips and scholarship stays.
  • Costs that are incurred for the project as a result of the corona pandemic, e.g. for the cancellation of trips, events etc., can be covered by the approved funding.
  • Budget adjustments and reallocations that are necessitated by the aforementioned costs will be dealt with in a speedy and unbureaucratic manner.
  • The deadlines for the submission of documents such as the Funds Allocation Statement can be delayed subject to individual approval.

Please contact our project managers directly if you have any individual queries.

In the interests of public health, we are taking measures to protect the wellbeing of our employees, partners and visitors, as well as of participants in our events and programmes. Furthermore, we wish to help to slow the spread of this viral disease to the greatest extent possible.

“Wir im Revier” fundraising campaign

We want to help those who urgently require support at the moment. We are taking part in the “Wir im Revier” campaign: take a close look around and let us know who in your neighbourhood or local area is facing hardship as a result of the corona crisis and urgently needs assistance. More information can be found at

Stay healthy!

The Stiftung Mercator team



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