Der Medikus der Zukunft

Der Medikus der Zukunft

Künstliche Intelligenz ist aus dem Gesundheits­wesen nicht mehr wegzudenken: Mit ihrer Hilfe lassen sich präventive Maßnahmen und die Therapie von Patient*innen verbessern. Das Hantieren mit großen, sensiblen Datenmengen birgt aber auch Sicherheits­risiken. In Brüssel arbeitet der Politologe Michele Calabrò daran, diese Risiken zu minimieren – damit das Wohl des Menschen im Mittelpunkt bleibt.


09 Dez. 2021
Digitale Veranstaltung | Digital | 13:00 | nicht öffentlich

MERCATORA: Gender Competency, Unconscious Bias and Leadership Skills (Alumni Seminar)

Welcome to the second seminar module of the 2021/22 edition of our Alumnae Careerbuilding program Mercatora!

Women in management positions are often exposed to the "double-bind" problem - they must be considered neither too feminine nor too masculine. Women therefore have to deal with their gender identity and develop career-related strategies in a different way than it is the case for men. In addition, unconscious thought patterns (unconscious bias) influence thinking, behavior and decisions, especially in an intercultural context, and require not only knowledge, but also above all sensitivity and reflection. Building on this, self-management and leadership skills are on the agenda. “Inclusive Leadership” will be presented in a practice-oriented manner and discussed in relation to the intercultural and personal experiences of the participants.

The seminar takes place via Zoom. Participation is limited to those alumnae who have successfully passed the application process (application closed on May 30, 2021.).
Please note: the seminar includes a joint networking session with previous cohorts and a panel discussion on (Fe)Male Allyship for Gender Equality with guest speakers.

For further information see our alumniportal MercatorGlobe.

10 Feb. 2022
Digitale Veranstaltung | digital | 13:00 | nicht öffentlich

MERCATORA: Courage and Leadership, Resilience and Lifetime-Management (Alumni Seminar)

Welcome to our final seminar module of the 2021/22 edition of our Alumnae Careerbuilding program Mercatora! 

Courage and leadership are closely related and key competencies for managers. Is courage something that can be trained? The participating alumnae get to know the method of “competent and courageous behavior” at workplaces. Besides the challenge of everyday courage, the intensity and speed of everyday work are constantly increasing, but private life also holds many new challenges, depending on the phase of life, especially for women. How do I get all my goals and needs under one roof? How can I better prioritize and achieve a life balance between work, family, friends and my own personal needs? What can we learn from people who master their lives in a particularly healthy and resilient manner? The aim of the training is to strengthen the participants' resilience, to provide them with tools and practical methods for active self-management and to support them in developing clear goals and strategies for more life balance and satisfaction.

In addition, we look forward to discuss these aspects and more in our Mercatora Lunch Talk with our guest speakers Kirsten Hommelhoff (Secretary General of the Association of German Foundations) and Aydan Özoguz (Vice-President of the German Bundestag).
Participation is limited to those alumnae who have successfully passed the application process (application closed May 30, 2021).

For further information and how to apply as alumna of Stiftung Mercator see our alumniportal MercatorGlobe.

16 Feb. 2022
Workshop, Seminar | digital | 14:00 | nicht öffentlich


The recent scholarly, political and public debates on EU–Turkey relations reflect the current deadlock in the accession process and are largely dominated by functional areas of cooperation such as trade, migration and energy. In this alumni-driven project we want to bring back the civil society dimension into discussions on EU-Turkey relations.

For this purpose, a group of Mercator Alumni will organize two workshops to discuss what Turkish civil society organizations expect from the EU and the accession process with respect to democratization and fundamental rights and freedoms. What are the structural problems Turkish civil society currently faces? How can EU policies and (new) instruments be effective in supporting Turkish civil society and expanding civic space?

Interested Members of the Mercator Alumni Network are invited to take part. Please see the current Call for Participants in the alumniportal MercatorGlobe for further details.

Workshop 1: 16 February 2022 | 14.00-16.00 CET | DIGITAL The first workshop will be online and be open only to alumni participants. In this workshop, we will look at the possibilities of bringing Turkish civil society organizations back into EU-Turkey relations.

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