Despite sharp disargreements within the Turkish public about the overall direction of the country and its political leadership, a comprehensive new publica opinion study by the Center for American Progress finds broad consensus among Turks about the dimensions of Turkish national self-perception and the nation’s realtionship to the rest of the world.
The report assesses the overall context for Turkish politics today. It then explores in detail Turkish beliefs about national identity and the most important values and ideas currently shaping the nation.
The finding are based on a 2,453-sample national poll in Turkey, conducted by the polling firm Metropoll from November 2 to November 12, 2017, using stratified sampling and weighting methods in 28 provinces. 

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AutorJohn Halpin, Michael Werz, Alan Makovsky, Max Hoffman
Heraus­geberCenter for American Progress
VeröffentlichungFebruar 2018

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