Vibrant civic life and a resilient civil society sector are an integral part of any democratic society. Civic life in the peripheries differs from civic life in capital cities, as do the challenges that civic actors are A lot of attention is being paid to civil society on the national level and in large urban centers, while little attention, resources, and research are being devoted to civil society on the local level.

This report is an attempt to close that gap. It presents the most significant findings from an online questionnaire survey of 183 local civic actors from four regions, identified as ‘civic deserts’ and offers recommendations and examples of promising practices for improving civic cohesion in peripheral areas.

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AutorLouisa Slavkova, Dobrena Petrova, Leonie Sichtermann, and Mila Moshelova
Heraus­geberSofia Platform Foundation
VeröffentlichungFebruar 2022

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