Blockchain: New Avenues for the SDGs?

CSP-Salon Paper 2018

The CSP-Salon Paper 2018 highlights the key observations as well as policy recommendations emphasized during the event with a distinguished panel from the United Nations, the private sector, academia and civil society. Striving to find answers to the guiding question “Blockchain Technology – What’s in it for the SDGs?”, the paper concludes that blockchain has indeed far-reaching potential and real-life use cases. To bring about fair impact, multi stakeholder dialogues as well as sound and inclusive governance are imperative to ensure that we push into the right direction for this still young technology. 

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Autor: Salome Eggler, Antje Lehmann, Claudia Witkowski Herausgeber: CSP-Netzwerk für Internationale Politik und. Zusammenarbeit e.V. Seiten: 2 Veröffentlichung: April 2018 Sprache: Englisch