The Schmidt family founded Stiftung Mercator GmbH in Essen and Stiftung Mercator Schweiz in Zurich, endowing the foundation with funds from their own assets.

In 2019, Stiftung Mercator approved 63.4 million euros in funding for a total of 146 projects. Since beginning its activities, the foundation has made around 733 million euros worth of grants available to 1,672 projects.

The Meridian Stiftung is the proprietor of Stiftung Mercator GmbH; this is where the assets provided by the founding family for non-profit activities are invested and managed. In terms of financial planning, this corresponds to the situation of foundations which fund their activities out of their own assets.

Here you will additionally find the financial information from our 2020 Annual Report which provides the statistics for our grant allocations and payments since 2012, as well as our annual financial statement.

A database containing all grant allocations since the beginning of 2008 can be found here.