Stiftung Mercator takes a strategic approach to the awarding of its grants: first and foremost, we select projects to fund on the basis of whether they will help achieve the sociopolitical objectives we have set in our thematic clusters and fields of activity. Naturally, our interest and involvement does not end with the awarding of a grant: we regard our funding as a partnership with those we support, which is also why we refer to them as project partners rather than grant recipients.

In the funded projects, the foundation and its project partners work towards jointly defined objectives. For us it goes without saying that the foundation will always provide close and intensive project support. Stiftung Mercator’s project managers and staff boast extensive expertise in their respective fields. They support and advise our project partners on many questions of project and financial management, on the preparation and staging of events and on issues relating to strategic public relations. In return, we expect our project partners to work professionally and to consistently pursue the jointly agreed objectives.

Further information can be found in our FAQ for grant recipients.