Stiftung Mercator is a private foundation which fosters science and the humanities, education and international understanding. We pursue clearly defined sociopolitical objectives in our  themes of Digital Society, Europe in the world, Climate Action and Participation and Cohesion.

  • Europe in the world : The continued existence of the European Union in the world depends on its degree of internal cohesion and on how it forges relationships with other countries. This is why we want to strengthen cohesion within the EU and through international understanding to contribute to the proper functioning of its relationships with key countries.
  • Digital Society: We want digital technologies in Germany and Europe to be developed and used in accordance with democratic rights and values.
  • Climate Action: We want Germany to become greenhouse gas-neutral by 2050 and to help the EU as a whole to assume a global leadership role in climate action.
  • Participation and Cohesion: We want to strengthen cohesion in our society, combat discrimination and ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to access education and participate in society.

We will introduce you to the divisional themes on the following pages.