As a non-profit foundation, our grants and our own projects are oriented towards the common good. Our responsibility goes beyond this, however. Our credibility is also measured by the extent to which we uphold our values within our organization.

Guiding principles of good practice for foundations

We at Stiftung Mercator base our work on and acknowledge the guiding principles of good practice for foundations adopted by the Association of German Foundations. The principles define an ethical framework to guide effective and altruistic foundation activities and aim to increase transparency in the non-profit sector.

Environmental sustainability

Forward-looking corporate management needs sustainability. As a voluntary commitment, we have defined measures for ecological sustainability that go beyond the legal provisions.

Which includes:

  • Consistent reduction of emissions from flights and cars, for example by avoiding domestic air travel 
  • Prefered vegetarian, regional catering and only in exceptional cases warm catering for all-day events 
  • A guideline for project partners for the ecologically sustainable implementation of the projects 
  • A paperless and resource-saving office

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