We select the project type that we believe will be best suited to achieving the project objective in question. In some cases it may make sense to set up partner organizations in order to achieve the greatest possible systemic impact. We use different partners, structures and framework conditions to establish this particular form of long-term commitment to a project.

The key question is whether a partner organization will be able to fill a gap, and whether the requisite institutional expertise would not otherwise be available. Furthermore, partner organizations have the advantage of being able to focus on specific content and to work independently and flexibly. At the same time, they can make use of the experience of Stiftung Mercator and, if applicable, of other partners. We believe in cooperation in this context too, recruiting other partners wherever possible to found and support partner organizations.

At present, eleven partner organizations are working with us to achieve our objectives in our thematic clusters of Europe, Integration, Climate Change and Cultural Education.