Removing fossil fuels from heating is a goal of policy makers around the world in order to decarbonise energy systems and to remove exposure to fossil fuel imports. Alongside efficiency measures, the key technology to replace fossil fuels for heating is heat pumps. In the EU, where fossil fuels — mostly gas — dominate the heating mix, rapid action on heat is needed and the share of heat from heat pumps is expected to grow at lightning speed. Heat networks, which simultaneously need to grow rapidly, are also expected to see much of the heat they transport produced from heat pumps.

This report — a collaborative effort between RAP, Agora Energiewende, CLASP, and the Global Buildings Performance Network — makes the case that the Fit for 55 package can drive a robust heat pump market in the EU, and that reform of the proposals is needed.

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Author Richard Lowes, Jan Rosenow, Dominic Scott, Louise Sunderland, Samuel Thomas, Andreas Graf, Marie Baton, Steve Pantano, Peter Graham
PublisherThe Regulatory Assistance Project, Agora Energiewende, CLASP und das Global Buildings Performance Network
Release dateMarch 2022

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