We are living in a climate crisis. The science is clear: We need to change rapidly to a more just and sustainable society. This includes investing in sustainable internet infrastructures, the world’s largest coal-powered machine to date. To take initial funder conversations at the intersection forward, and to contribute to building a coherent and impactful strategy for a sustainable and equitable internet, the Ford Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Ariadne Network, Stiftung Mercator and the Internet Society Foundation hosted a two-day, in-person event in Berlin in October 2022, following the Bits und Bäume conference. This report presents a summary of the discussions for each deep dive. Each section frames the issue’s context, provides an overview of the key discussion points, and presents the priority areas of the group, opportunities and next steps. The report will end with a reflection of where the coalition and network intend to go from here.

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PublisherAriadne Foundation
Release dateFebruary 2023

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