Brown to Green

Assessing the G20 transition to a low-carbon economy

This report describes the Paris Agreement’s mission – and what we are doing to support it - in simple terms. The world must turn its back on destroying the climate through burning “brown” fossil fuels, and transition to a “green” low-carbon economy. Climate Transparency is using the best information, thorough analysis and well-reasoned judgment, to tell the world how well we are doing. Our analysis shows some encouraging signs that decarbonisation is progressing, but also that progress often moves at a snail’s pace, sideways, or even backwards.

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Publisher: Climate Transparency Pages: 32 Release date: September 2016 Language: English

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A press release by Climate Transparancy

G20 not yet on the necessary transition from a “brown” to “green” economy

The G20 needs to make more effort to move to a green, low-carbon economy, especially in the areas of [...]