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Essen, 09/19/2023

Together with Professor Dr. Siegfried Russwurm, President of the Federation of German Industries, and Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl, President of Darmstadt University of Technology, Dr. Wolfgang Rohe, Chairman of the Executive Board of Stiftung Mercator, will head the #Zukunftsstrategie forum. The body advises the German government on the implementation of the “Future Research and Innovation Strategy”, which the cabinet adopted in February.

Essen, September 18, 2023 – “In the Forum, I will work to ensure that societal perspectives are taken into account more strongly than before in German research and innovation policy,” Wolfgang Rohe explains. “It is a great honor for me to join the other two chairs and the other members in supporting the German government in the development of the Future Research and Innovation Strategy.”

The Forum #Zukunftsstrategie is the German government’s central advisory body within the framework of the strategy for the future and is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It will hold its first meeting in Berlin next Thursday, September 21, and consists of 21 members. Its work will focus on the six missions of the Future Strategy that the German government has defined and that will be implemented in separate mission teams. The focus will be on cross-departmental topics such as climate protection, digitization or social cohesion. A complete overview and further information can be found here. The results of the future strategy and the forum are to be presented at a public conference in spring 2025.

Dr. Wolfgang Rohe has been Executive Director of Stiftung Mercator since 2014. Previously, he held various positions at two of the most important science organizations in Germany. Rohe, who holds a doctorate in German studies, worked at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) in Bonn for ten years, first – from 1992 to 2000 – in the department for Collaborative Research Centers and subsequently as head of the executive committee group. In 2002, Rohe moved to the Science Council’s office as head of the Research Department, where he also served as deputy secretary-general from 2005.

Dr. Wolfgang Rohe, Executive Director of Stiftung Mercator
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