Sophie Falsini


Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Period of the Fellowship

October 2020 - September 2021

Project title

Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas: A Powerful Tool for Poverty Reduction

Project description

he Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs annually sponsors 25 German-speaking young professionals and university graduates from all disciplines who are committed to improving the world of tomorrow. During the 12-month programme, Fellows work in two or three international organizations that are active worldwide – non-governmental or non-profit organizations, or business enterprises. The Fellows’ own practical questions serve as their project proposals and determine their workstations anywhere in the world. Seminars are also held on current issues in international cooperation, and to develop their leadership skills and key competencies.

Short biography

As a Mercator Fellow, Sophie analyses how strengthening financial inclusion and financial literacy among vulnerable communities in rural areas can contribute to social cohesion, poverty reduction and women empowerment. Sophie is the co-founder of Social Innovators and has a background in foreign affairs and human rights. As a young professional, she worked for the European Commission, Austria’s Permanent Representation to the EU, the Institute for International Affairs, the Uzbek Forum for Human Rights as well as Human Rights Watch. During her studies in Germany, Russia, Estonia, Italy and Ukraine she specialised in Eastern European affairs. She graduated from the European University Viadrina.