Omotola Akindipe


Turkey Europe Future Forum

Period of the Fellowship


Project title

Reflecting Change

Project description

Omotola Akindipe is part of a network of young Turkish and European leaders from all sectors who come together once a year to engage in intensive dialogue and to share views and ideas about topical social issues. The Turkey Europe Future Forum takes place alternately in Turkey and Germany, as well as in other European countries.


Refugees, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity, Integration

Short biography

Tola Akindipe works as Associate Reporting Officer at UNHCR and is the co-founder of Refugees Welcome Portugal as well as a senior member of Refugees Welcome International. Before that, he was deputy project manager at "Europe on Track", a project of the European Students’ Forum, that aims to send 6 young people on a month-long trip to 25+ European cities to find out the views of young people on certain topics. Prior to this, he worked for the Red Cross in Germany, where he co-drafted a youth policy for the International Federation of the Red Cross. He also oversaw reintegration projects and an expansion of services such as blood donations to minority groups. Tola is currently studying a Master’s in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity at the University of Essex, where he is looking at integration, particularly of second generation kids in Europe as well as working to improve the access of refugees to higher education.