Ömer Madra


IPC Senior Fellowship

Partner institution

Period of the Fellowship

August 2012 - February 2013

Project title

The planet is being lost: we cannot consent to this

Project description

Ömer Madra organized a series of talks on climate change and launched a public campaign entitled “The planet is being lost; we cannot consent to this.”

Short biography

Ömer Madra is one of the co-founders and the editor-in-chief of the radio channel “Açık Radyo”. Furthermore, he worked as a lecturer at Istanbul Bilgi University’s International Relations and Political Science Department.Between 1999 and 2000 Ömer Madra wrote for the newspaper Yeni Binyıl. In 1996 he published a book entitled “Rüzgara Karşı” (Against the wind) consisting of articles covering various themes such as science, art, cinema, theatre, music, food, life and sport. In 1977 Ömer Madra earned his PhD, with his thesis entitled “European Convention on Human Rights”.