Christiane Fröhlich


IPC Fellowship

Granting institution

Period of the Fellowship

April 2015 - September 2016

Project title

Climate Change, Environmental Migration and Revolutionary Movements. A case study from the Middle East

Project description

Currently, she is exploring “environmental migration” as a driving force of conflict escalation processes in authoritarian regimes. She is interested in feminist and postcolonial approaches in peace and conflict studies, with a focus on the “local” and the “intersectional” turn. Her regional focus is on the Middle East/the Mediterranean, where she has spent several months doing field research.

Short biography

Christiane Fröhlich is a peace and conflict researcher with a focus on resource scarcity and power conflicts. She is the co-founder of the international research network “Gender, Conflict, Climate Change” ( which critically engages with the role of gendered power relations in resource-related conflicts. Moreover, she co-edited the German annual Peace Report (, which is the main outlet of German peace research towards policymakers and academia alike. She holds a Dr. phil. in sociology from Marburg University, and a Master in Peace Research and Security Policy from Hamburg University as well as an M.A. in English, History and Psychology from Warwick and Hamburg Universities.