Charikleia Bampalouka


Turkey Europe Future Forum

Period of the Fellowship


Project title

Turkey and the EU: Overcoming Common Challenges and Bilateral Tensions

Project description

Charikleia Bampalouka is part of a network of young Turkish and European leaders from all sectors who come together once a year to engage in intensive dialogue and to share views and ideas about topical social issues. The Turkey Europe Future Forum takes place alternately in Turkey and Germany, as well as in other European countries.



Short biography

Charikleia Bampalouka is currently working in the European Commission on the portfolio of education and human rights. She specialises in the elaboration and implementation of EU policies and programmes, promoting equality in education and facilitating the integration of people with migrant backgrounds. Her area of expertise includes inter alia the respect of minority rights and the values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education.
Before starting her career in the EU Institutions, she has joined several volunteering activities on Kos(Greece), principally related to the refugee crisis. During the heights of the crisis, she contributed to the work of local and foreign NGOs.
She holds a Master’s degree in Advanced European and International Studies from Centre international de formation européenne(CIFE) which is based in Nice(France). She also studied at Istanbul Bilgi University and Free University of Berlin benefiting from the academic collaborations of CIFE in the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme of the EU. She has attended a number of university and training programmes in the area of borders, human rights, child marriage, gender violence, international security and humanitarian aid.