The Registered Stakeholder Meridian Stiftung monitors the implementation of the foundation’s mission and determines the medium-term and annual financial planning. He appoints the members of the Advisory Board and the Executive Board.

The Advisory Board decides on whether to approve projects and funding requests which are presented to it by the Executive Board and provides advice on strategic questions.

Its members are:

  • Prof. Dr Johannes Meier (Chairman)
  • Ira Heß
  • Prof. Dr Dirk Messner
  • Christian Müller
  • Asli Sevindim
  • Dr Thomas Vollmoeller
  • Prof. Dr Andreas Voßkuhle
  • Dr Almut Wieland-Karimi

The members of the Executive Board conduct Stiftung Mercator‘s business and represent the foundation externally. Furthermore, they make decisions about the selection of projects and funding requests or approve such projects and funding requests up to specific maximum thresholds.

The members of the Executive Board are:

  • Dr Markus Piduhn
  • Dr Wolfgang Rohe