The world finds itself at the beginning of a crucial decade that will see rivalry between those keen to shape the future of the international order. In its own interest and from an international perspective, Europe will need to play an important role in this. Characterized by a deliberately imperial, antiliberal and anti-Western ideology, Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine marks a departure from the fundamental principles of an international order in which peace had been guaranteed by interdependencies. Tensions between China and the United States are growing, as are divisions in the international community. This is happening against the backdrop of worsening and increasingly complex hybrid global crises that, in many respects, cause and exacerbate one another, such as the coronavirus pandemic and the food, energy and climate crises.

Against this background, Europe must redefine its role in the world, strategically shape its external relations and establish internal stability if it wants to uphold its values and interests in the world and effectively contribute to overcoming global crises.

We want to strengthen Europe’s ability to act through constructive relations both internally and with external partners in order to promote a more inclusive international order.

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AuthorStiftung Mercator
PublisherStiftung Mercator
Release dateSeptember 2023

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