Democracy Reporting International (DRI) and the European Implementation Network (EIN) have published the report “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied – 2023 Edition”, which concludes that the non-implementation of judgments of the European Courts continues to be a systemic problem in the EU. The attacks on fundamental European values in recent years have continued to raise concern for European stakeholders – governments, the media, and citizens alike. The EU has introduced a series of policy measures designed to halt and reverse this phenomenon, ranging from the new annual rule of law review cycle to targeted measures, such as withholding structural funds from countries with severe infringements of the rule of law. However, several countries keep disregarding the decisions of the European courts entrusted with safeguarding human rights and EU values across the region. 

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AuthorJakub Jaraczewski (DRI), Nino Tsereteli (DRI), Ioana Iliescu (EIN), Agnès Ciccarone (EIN), George Stafford (EIN) and Yegana Mammadova (EIN)
PublisherEuropean Implementation Network (EIN); Democracy Reporting International (DRI)
Release dateJuly 2023

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