Avoiding a New 'Cold War'

The Future of EU-Russia Relations in the Context of the Ukraine Crisis

Relations between the European Union (EU) and Russia have been traditionally characterised by the dichotomy between conflict and cooperation. This has influenced the abstract nature of the EU-Russia strategic partnership. The Ukraine crisis has had a deep impact on the EU’s foreign policy and its approach towards Russia. It highlighted that the EU’s eastern neighbourhood is characterised by intense geopolitical competition with Russia. The crisis also underscored the weakness of the EU’s ‘low politics’ approach in its relations with Russia and post-Soviet space. On the other hand, Russia’s actions in Ukraine have made EU member states more willing to act together and take a harder line against Moscow.

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Publisher: Cristain Nitoiu, Dahrendorf Forum Postdoctoral Fellow on Europe-Russia relations, London School of Economics Pages: 104 Release date: March 2016 Language: English