Press release
Berlin, 04/12/2017

The 2017 Europe-wide edition of the renowned zenith Photo Award focuses on the topic “Islam in Europe” and will start on April 18th. On photographers from all over Europe can participate until August 31 to submit their photo series on Muslim life and identity in Europe. The winning series in the two categories (professionals, amateurs, plus an extra award for the winner of the popular choice vote online) will be honoured at an award ceremony in autumn 2017 in Berlin.
About the competition
The zenith Photo Award is a photo competition initiated by the German zenith Magazine in 2011 and supported and co-funded by the Stiftung Mercator, a private and independent foundation in Germany. The Candid Foundation is an independent non-profit institution based in Berlin that assumed the editorial responsibility of zenith Magazine in 2015 and implements projects that foster intercultural understanding. The first three editions of the zenith Photo Award were held in German and aimed to show the perspectives Muslims in Germany had of their communities, as well as the views of non-Muslims on their Muslim neighbours. Many national and international influential media and TV stations presented the winners and photo series of the previous editions of the zenith Photo award. The honorific speech of the 2014 edition of the zenith photo award was held by German TV presenter Sandra Maischberger. The 2017 edition, titled “Islam in Europe”, widens the scope. Participants from all over Europe–but especially from countries with significant Muslim communities–will contribute to the on-going debate, thus finding answers to the question: What does a Euro-Muslim identity look like?
The Jury
As in the past, an international jury will decide on this year’s winning series of the zenith photo award. Spanish photojournalist Mayte Carrasco, named “Best Foreign Correspondent” in 2011 by the International Press Club (CIP), will head the jury. Among the other jurors are Marcel Mettelsiefen, member of the Editorial Board of zenith Magazine, winner of the Emmy Award and a 2017 Academy Awards nominee for Best Documentary (short subject), as well as Fiona Shields, Head of Photography for the Guardian News and Media Group.
Participation and Prizes
The zenith Photo Award wants to challenge stereotypes and inspire creative approaches; it reaches out to professional and amateur photographers alike. Beside the award for professional photographers (3,000 Euro) and amateurs (1,500 Euro) to be determined by a jury, the zenith Photo Award also features a user-driven popular choice award (500 Euro).
Usage of Pictures
Interested media can publish all photos from the previous zenith Photo Award editions, if they name the photographers and the images are published within the framework of the coverage of the zenith Photo Award.
Press contact:
Robert Chatterjee
Project Manager zenith Photo Award