Our goal

Germany is a society of immigration. We already live in a society which is becoming increasingly pluralized. To ensure that this society continues to thrive in the future, it is crucial that advantage be taken of the potential offered by everyone living in Germany. Everyone in Germany should have the same opportunity to take part in central areas of society’s life. A key prerequisite for this is successful education. We are committed to eliminating the inequalities which exist between people of migrant and German origin in terms of school and university qualifications.

Our goal is to reduce by 2025 the inequality in Germany in terms of school and university qualifications – based on the 2005 level – by 70 percent for people of migrant origin and aged 15-30. MORE


Directors Centre for Integration

Simon Bierwald

“Everyone in Germany should have equal opportunities to participate in our society. The key to such participation is a successful educational career. Unfortunately, many children and young people, particularly those of migrant origin, still find it difficult to achieve this. We are therefore working to dismantle structural hurdles and are training teachers at schools and universities in how to cope with diversity.”