• Bernhard Ludewig

Our goal

Stiftung Mercator is committed to strengthen Europe’s cohesion and ability to act.

We want to ensure that the values that result from the European idea are preserved and strengthened. In future, these values should have both internal and external impact. We want to generate and make available ideas for a discussion of a better Europe – and to ensure that people understand why European cohesion is necessary. In this context it is important to inspire young people in particular about the idea of a unified Europe that is able to act and to give them the opportunity to experience and help actively shape Europe. More

Our Expert in Europe

Director Centre for Europe

Peter Gwiazda

"Many people see a Europe that is shaken by crises and has little to do with their actual lives. They are losing sight of Europe’s great achievement – the fact that it has secured peace, freedom and democracy. We want to make people excited again about a Europe of diversity, and to give them opportunities to help shape a peaceful and united future Europe."

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