Olivia Gippner


Dahrendorf Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Partner institution

Period of the Fellowship

January 2015 - January 2017

Project title

Dahrendorf Symposium 2016. Changing the European Debate: Europe and the World

Project description

The “Dahrendorf Forum – Debating Europe” is a joint initiative of the Hertie School of Governance, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Stiftung Mercator. Entitled “Europe and the World”, the project cycle 2015-2016 produces research and open debate on Europe’s relations with five major world regions.

Short biography

Olivia Gippner holds a PhD in political science from Freie Universität Berlin and the Berlin Graduate School of Transnational Studies for which she researched EU-China climate relations and Chinese policy-making. From 2011-2014, she worked as a research fellow at the NFG-Research Group on “Asian Perceptions of the EU”, analysing Chinese participation in peacekeeping missions and EU-China security relations. In addition, she has worked as a freelance consultant and as a policy analyst on Nepal’s Energy Crisis.