Gökçe Uysal Kolasın


IPC Fellowship

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Period of the Fellowship

August 2019 - August 2020

Project title

Refugees’ Integration into the Labor Market: What Can Turkey and Germany Learn from Each Other?

Project description

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, 5.6 million Syrians have fled from their homes. Many of them stayed in neighboring countries, and some traveled to Europe. Currently, refugees’ labor market integration presents unique challenges as refugees are likely to lack the necessary documentation, and they are less likely to speak the host country’s language, a skill crucial in achieving both social and economic integration. Therefore, finding employment, particularly formal employment, is challenging. This renders refugees more susceptible to poverty and to social exclusion, given that a large majority of refugees need to work to sustain their livelihoods. Given that there are almost four million Syrians in Turkey and about one million Syrians in Germany, the primary goal of this project is to investigate the effects of forced migration on labor market integration. Providing a thorough analysis of Germany’s past experience with both voluntary and forced migration, this project aims to identify policies that worked and policies that failed. In a second step, the labor market discrimination that migrant workers face in Turkey and in Germany will be investigated using a novel data set.

Short biography

Gökçe Uysal Kolasın is an economist who works on labor markets, education, and private savings, with a special focus on Turkey. Her work on the labor market has focused on disadvantaged groups in the labor market, such as women, youth, and refugees. Recently, she has carried out research on Syrians in the labor market in Turkey and how their access can be facilitated. She has also worked on education as it relates to the labor market and household savings in Turkey. Her articles have appeared in the Journal of Economic Growth, Social Indicators Research, and the International Journal of Educational Development. Gökçe holds a PhD and an MA from the University of Rochester. She received her BA from Galatasaray University. She is based at the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences at Bahçeşehir University and at the Bahçeşehir University Economic and Social Research Center, Betam.