Erkin Ergüney


Turkey Europe Future Forum

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Turkey Europe Future Forum 2017

Short biography

Erkin Ergüney holds two master’s degrees from LSE Development Studies and Shanghai Jiao Tong University China’s Economy and Politics. He speaks English, Spanish and Mandarin apart from his native Turkish. His academic expertise is on automotive industry and its contributions to the economic development. He researched private entreprises and their strategies in attaining economies of scale, acquiring technology and so on. He aims to apply the findings he has derived from countries like Korea, China and Thailand to better analyze Turkey’s failure at fostering an indigenous car brand. Erkin is authoring a weekly newsletter on Turkish politics and economy, Son Havadis. He is a co-host on the podcast "Samos Sürgünü", in which he discusses history, politics and current affairs with Sevan and Arsen Nişanyan. He is currently constructing a campus for Project Arkhe in Şirince, İzmir; in which he is a co-founder. Project Arkhe aims to become to "unofficial" home of social sciences in Turkey, away from the prying eyes of the government in Ankara.