Emina Hadziabdic


Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Period of the Fellowship


Project title

Arts and Culture: key factors for the sustainable accomplishment of persistent conflicts


Crisis Management, Cultural Policy


GIZ; UNRWA; Drama for Life, Johannesburg, Südafrika

Short biography

Emina Hadziabdic, born in 1985, studied German and English philology at the University of Zurich and Humboldt University Berlin. Her M.A. studies focused on the correlation of contemporary South African literature and post-apartheid social changes. As a Mercator Fellow, she investigates the role of art and cultural projects in the sustainable resolution of long term conflicts. Her career to date includes experience in the fields of migration (Swiss Federal Office for Migration, Caritas, Swiss Red Cross and AOZ) and education (Liverpool Archbishop Blanch High School and the University of Zurich).