Almula Türedi


Turkey Europe Future Forum

Period of the Fellowship


Project title

Reflecting Change

Project description

Almula Türedi is part of a network of young Turkish and European leaders from all sectors who come together once a year to engage in intensive dialogue and to share views and ideas about topical social issues. The Turkey Europe Future Forum takes place alternately in Turkey and Germany, as well as in other European countries.


EU affairs, Accession policies

Short biography

Almula Türedi is an Expert on EU Affairs at the Ministry for European Union Affairs (MEU) of the Republic of Turkey. She is currently working at the Directorate for Accession Policy (DAP) and is responsible for the overall monitoring of the legislative harmonization process of the country to the EU acquis. Almula began her civil service career in 2005 as a political affairs expert at the Ministry of National Defense where she specialized her studies on NATO in addition to civil-military relations during the EU accession process of Turkey. In 2010, she started working at the Turkish MEU Directorate for Political Affairs (DPA) and focused on human rights, minority rights, and anti-discrimination in the course of Turkish accession to the EU. Almula holds a BA in International Relations from Ankara University, a MSc in European Studies from METU and a MA from Katholieke Leuven Universiteit.