Our Self-Concept

Open-mindedness, respect and tolerance are at the heart of our canon of values. We are committed to social cohesion, equal opportunities in life and a Europe that is capable of acting. We have defined our fields of action and objectives in our strategy “Mercator 2020 – Generating Prospects, Creating Opportunities” in accordance with this stance.

We want to

  • strengthen Europe,
  • improve integration through equal educational opportunities,
  • drive forward the energy transition as a trigger for global climate change mitigation and
  • firmly anchor cultural education in schools.

We regard ourselves as a learning organization which seeks out different partners to achieve common goals and which is keen to discover new paths and ap­proaches. We follow an analytical, tactical and transparent approach, tackling areas of considerable social need in which we can employ our competencies to achieve impact. Given its focus on defined sociopolitical objectives, the foundation must at the same time remain open to change and to new themes and ideas. Thus an integral part of the foundation’s work involves watching out for new issues and exploring the fringes of its own areas of activity. Being the home of our founding family and our foundation, and above all a region of very advanced social change processes, the Ruhr region is the area in which application of our strategy is given preference.