European migration policy

Our focal topic in 2017/2018

Europe may well find itself at a crossroads in 2017 – as it will need to decide between isolation and the free movement of people, between refugees and skilled migration, between prevention and promotion.

The current stress test facing societies and politicians – the lack of any common European migration policy – is one of the central causes of the Europe-wide resentment and fear that we are seeing at present and that has led to the rise of nationalism and populism. The question of how to deal with migration has thus become a core European issue. As the Bulgarian political scientist and world thinker Ivan Krastev predicts, 2017 could prove to be a revolutionary year with consequences on a par with those of 1917.

A lack so far of any overarching forums

Europe so far lacks any overarching forums in the areas of science, politics and civil society at which participants could systematically consider a common approach to migration and develop possible solutions.

This is why we want to work with our partners and our network in developing approaches for a substantial and joint European migration policy that is rooted in the ideas of cohesion and ability to act.


A press release of Dahrendorf Forum

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