A look back at the opening of our Istanbul office

Despite great uncertainity about the future of Turkish-European relations, Stiftung Mercator inaugurated its Istanbul Office on October 8. At the event, around 100 international guests from different sectors were invited to look for ways to establish a constructive dialog between Turkey, Germany, and Europe. A panel discussion demonstrated the already substantial contribution Stiftung Mercator has made to Turkish-Europan relations through its work, ranging from school exchanges to various cooperations between NGOs, to academic encounters.

A look back at the opening of our Istanbul office

Magdalena Kirchner (TAPIR Fellow at the RAND Corporation and 2016/17 Mercator-IPC Fellow) chaired the event, during which Hüseyin Geliş (President and CEO Siemens Turkey), Gerald Knaus (Founding Director of the European Stability Initiative and Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow), and Cem Mansur (Conductor of the Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra) discussed with the guests opportunities for creating better mutal understanding and strengthening Turkish-European relations. Four scenarios on the future development of Turkey-EU relations, developed prior to the event by alumni of different Stiftung Mercator programs, gave impetus to the discussion. MORE ABOUT THE SZENARIOS

Promoting dialog and cooperation at various levels

For the past ten years, Stiftung Mercator has been funding projects in and with Turkey. We are currently supporting 40 projects with a combined budget of more than 20 million euros. Despite all the political tensions, these projects are proof that close ties between Turkey and Germany are vital for a cohesive Europe that is also able to take action. MORE ABOUT OUT WORK IN TURKEY

 We also produced a film for the opening ceremony which brings together various voices from our network and projects in Turkey. We will continue to utilize the potentials of closer ties between Turkey, Germany, and Europe by promoting dialog and cooperation at various levels. The opening of our Istanbul Office was an important step towards reaching this goal. We invite you to contact the head of our office, Daniel Grütjen (daniel.grutjen@remove-this.stiftung-mercator.de), to discover more about our work in Turkey.