Zukunftsbrücke: Chinese-German Young Professional Campus

Exchange programme for young German and Chinese professionals

The Zukunftsbrücke contributes to building a solid basis for future cooperation between China and Germany. The project aims to establish a lasting network of young professionals from China and Germany and to shape German-Chinese relations in a sustainable and constructive manner. Besides offering its participants continuing professional and intercultural education, the programme is designed to foster both personal and professional exchange between the two countries and to strengthen mutual understanding and respect.


To promote mutual understanding

In an increasingly globalized world, a stable partnership between China and Germany has become an important factor from a political, cultural and economic perspective. Recent decades have seen economic relations between Germany and China advance steadily. In the context of global challenges, however, cooperation and mutual trust that go beyond purely economic interests are of increasing importance. This is where the Zukunftsbrücke comes in.


Intensive dialogue between young professionals

During the programme, 30 young professionals - 15 from Germany and 15 from China – come together to take part in an intensive dialogue, comprising seminar phases, group work and discussions with experts. Subjects of discussion include trends, visions, challenges and case studies of sustainable development in Germany and China as well as general issues of German-Chinese relations. Zukunftsbrücke fellows already occupy key positions in their respective fields of work and exhibit considerable leadership potential.

The Zukunftsbrücke: Chinese-German Young Professional Campus is a project of Stiftung Mercator and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in cooperation with the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF). The project’s academic partner in China is the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).


Ten-day programme in Germany and China

The programme brings together young professionals from the public and private sector, as well as from politics, business, culture, media, academia and civil society. They all share a high degree of affinity with the topic of the Zukunftsbrücke and a strong interest in contributing to the future of German-Chinese relations. The programme takes place in China and Germany on an annually-alternating basis and lasts on average for ten days.

More information www.zukunftsbruecke.com

Project manager

 Mira Luthe
Mira Luthe
Project Manager
+49 201 24522-745

Stiftung Mercator’s contribution

Approved funding: 1,466,524 Euro Duration: 2011 - 2015