• Christoph Kniel

Our Strategy

Mercator 2020 – Generating Prospects, Creating Opportunities

Stiftung Mercator regards itself as a civil society actor that actively pursues and transparently communicates its socio-political objectives and interests. We act on the basis of the values set out in our guiding vision. We make offers to and work closely together with state and social institutions.

Being an organization that is constantly evolving and learning, it was logical for us to have our strategic phase 2008 – 2013 evaluated. The evaluation aimed to assess the overall strategy and the way the foundation works. Its findings were recorded in a commission report and formed the basis for designing our strategy “Mercator 2020 – Generating Prospects, Creating Opportunities”.

During the next strategic phase, our three existing cluster themes of integration, climate change and cultural education will be further developed, deepened and expanded. Europe is an issue that has long accompanied our activities as one of our focal regions. Within the framework of the Mercator 2020 strategic phase, we have now made it our fourth cluster theme; as such, we will be engaging with this topic even more intensively and, as in our other clusters, following an interdisciplinary approach.

Our Cluster Newsletter provides you with regular information about current developments and changes in the respective clusters.

The skills and expertise of our staff form the basis for the effective pursuit of our objectives: in the systematic con­texts of science, education and international affairs on the one hand, and in the thematic fields of Europe, integra­tion, climate change and cultural education on the other. All our activities are designed to achieve systemic impact. This presupposes sound knowledge of the complex structural and institutional relationships that character­ize the themes upon which we focus. We are convinced that cooperation and networks will improve the chances of our work’s success.

Being the home of our foundation, the Ruhr region remains the area in which application of our strategy is given preference. We perceive the challenging conditions that prevail in this region, which is undergoing a process of structural change, as an enrichment when it comes to working towards our objectives, and regard the Ruhr region as a “laboratory” in which we try out new ideas for the future. We are convinced that education and science are the key driving forces for this region’s development and integration, which is why we want to help create a successful and cooperative educational and scientific area in the Ruhr region by interlinking and promoting coordination between the relevant actors and institutions.