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Ludwig Siegele

Foreign Policy & Technology

Ludwig Siegele
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Ludwig Siegele

Mercator Fellowship Program
Granting institution
Period of the Fellowship
November 2018 - February 2019
Foreign Policy & Technology
Project description

In his Mercator Fellowship Ludwig Siegele is interested in the effects of technology and digitalization on foreign policy. Therefore, he will be part of the policy planning staff of the federal foreign office in berlin. His aim is to detect current trends and challenges in foreign policy related to technology and to connect decision-makers with experts and stakeholders, for example in the field of global data economy.

Short biography

Ludwig Siegele is technology editor at The Economist in London. He has studied journalism and economy in Cologne and Paris. With an early focus on economy related issues, he has published in newspapers like Die ZEIT and Le Monde. Later on, he specialized in topics related to new technologies with a special emphasis on the interface between technology, politics and society.