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Richard McNicol

Creative Methods for Creative Music Education

Richard McNicol
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Richard McNicol

Mercator Fellowship Program
Granting institution
Period of the Fellowship
September 2018 - May 2019
Creative Methods for Creative Music Education
Project description

As an expert in the field of music education, Richard McNicol has worked with countless, internationally-renowned orchestras. He now intends to make this wealth of experience accessible to creative music and german teachers by publishing teaching material.

Short biography

An orchestral musician and music educator, Richard McNicol has worked with teachers in numerous countries over the past 30 years and developed the creative music education concept. A creative music lesson is a practical approach that involves children of all educational levels and abilities creating music together in the classroom using only their voices and simple classroom instruments. Initiated in the United Kingdom, this method of teaching music has spawned many positive developments in practice: not only helping children to become enthusiastic about und learn to understand music, but also enabling them to develop their social skills and individual personalities. In 2004 he was made an honorary member of the Royal Philharmonic Society for his services to music education.