Generating Prospects, Creating Opportunities

We wish to strengthen Europe’s cohesion

and ability to act.

The challenge

A lack of confidence poses a danger to Europe’s future

Europe stands for the rule of law and social justice, the separation of powers, democracy and freedom of the individual. The idea of a united Europe that reflects these values has suffered a loss of confidence, however. Many people see a Europe that is shaken by crises, whose individual countries are at odds with one another and that does not appear capable of acting. Many people remain ignorant about the institutions and working practices of the European Union. Nationalist parties are increasingly on the rise. Europe, that is to say the current and potential member states of the European Union, finds itself at a crossroads.

Our vision

A cohesive Europe that acts together

Only together will we Europeans be able to find and implement solutions to challenges such as ‎climate change or migration and integration. We believe in a cohesive Europe that acts together. We want a Europe that is actively shaped by its citizens and based on open-mindedness and tolerance, one that offers justice and equal opportunities, protects the rights of the individual, guarantees democracy and the rule of law, and ensures peace.

Our objective

To build up relations, assume responsibility and strengthen Europe’s ability to act

Our objective is to strengthen Europe’s cohesion and ability to act. Turkey is linked to Europe on account of its geographical position and wide-ranging political, cultural, historical and economic ties. Sustainable relations between Germany and the other European states and Turkey are also part and parcel of this. We want Germany to live up to its historical responsibility to promote a peaceful, united and free Europe. We are convinced that a unified Europe is the best thing for our continent.

Our approach

Experiencing and shaping Europe

Cohesion comes about when people in Europe have a common sense of European identity and when they experience and understand the benefits the community has to offer. We want to inspire young people in particular about the idea of a unified Europe that is able to act. We give them the chance to experience and actively help shape Europe, and show them the opportunities open to them for living and working in Europe. Our focus here is on the role played by Europe in the world, European climate policy, the cultural and public spheres, European political education and the economy and work in Europe.