Generating Prospects, Creating Opportunities

Climate 2020:

we wish to drive forward the energy transition

as a trigger for global climate mitigation

The challenge

global warming is putting our future at risk

Man-made climate change is a reality. The way we live is resulting in global warming, which in turn is causing the fundamental conditions for human life on earth to deteriorate. The consequences are evident already today: flooding in Asia, drought in Africa, melting polar ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels. All of this entails human suffering and high social and economic costs.

Our vision

reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate change

In order to preserve a safe operating space for humanity, we want to drive forward solutions that will mitigate climate change. Not only do we believe we have a moral obligation towards those already affected by climate change and subsequent generations to do so; we are also confident that it is possible and makes sound economic sense to avert the most serious effects of climate change by taking decisive action to counter its causes. This gives rise to the need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases quickly and significantly.

Our goal

Germany leading the way forward with a successful energy transition

As an industrialized nation, Germany has a particular responsibility to play a pioneering role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is what the energy transition aims to achieve. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to develop a new form of prosperity and growth that no longer goes hand in hand with increasing exploitation of resources and rising emissions. A successful energy transition will allow Germany to demonstrate that ecological sustainability and economic competitiveness are by no means mutually exclusive. We are thus committed to the success of the energy transition in Germany so that greenhouse gas emissions can be lowered by 55 percent by 2030 and by at least 80 percent by 2050, as compared with their 1990 levels. This would serve as a convincing point of reference for the climate-friendly restructuring of a competitive national economy that could motivate other nations to follow a similar path.

Our strategy

supporting policy change

The energy transition will succeed through a combination of conducive political framework conditions and a change in the patterns of consumption of every single one of us. Given the urgency and scale of the challenge, we are concentrating our work on supporting structural and systemic changes that will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

We initiate and promote projects

  • that create a scientific basis for a policy shift towards ambitious climate mitigation,
  • that provide answers to practical questions concerning the implementation of political strategies and decisions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • that organize support for expedient strategies and implementation plans.

Due to the high contribution they make to man-made greenhouse gas emissions, the energy and transport sectors play a particular role in this context, as do aspects of urban and infrastructural development.