Mercator Salon: Kitchen on the run - incl. film screening

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In the context of our event series "Mercator Salon" Stiftung Mercator invites you to an informal exchange with artists, writers, film makers and other people from public life.

This time we want to present the project "Kitchen on the Run".

Friendships are built at the kitchen table. We are deeply convinced of this idea because we have experienced it so many times - on trips, during semesters abroad or when arriving in a new city. But what do people do if they are on the run? If they don’t have a kitchen table anymore where they can eat with friends and new neighbours, share, tell stories and exchange recipes?

That is why in spring 2015, when more and more refugees were arriving in Germany, the project Kitchen on the Run was initiated. The vision: a mobile kitchen in a container that could offer people on the run a cozy place to meet new neighbours for at least one evening.

This vision has become reality. From March to September 2016 the mobile kitchen has been travelling from Bari in Italy via Marseille in France, Duisburg in Germany, Deventer in the Netherlands to Gothenburg in Sweden. Every day inhabitants and refugees came together to cook, talk, sing and simply get to know each other.

Every night has been as diverse as its guests. Still, all events had one thing in common: each of the more than 2,400 guests from about 70 countries who visited the container felt welcome!

A camera accompanied the journey through Europe and captured the curiosity, joy and openness of all the people involved that made the project so special. Join us for a film screening that portrays how a shared dinner can turn strangers into friends.

Kitchen on the Run is a project of "Über den Tellerrand e.V.". Its European tour 2016 was funded by Stiftung Mercator through Advocate Europe, an idea challenge to strengthen solidarity in Europe.

About the Film screening:

Kitchen on the Run 2016. A mobile kitchen travels through Europe. Every evening refugees and locals meet at the kitchen table and get to know each other. The documentary of the journey shows Europe's different faces. Each country, each place has its own challenges and local peculiarities in the struggle for justice and humanity. The film leads to borders, refugee camps, lost places and new homes. It is a story about racism, love, civil courage, second chances and the reality of European asylum policy.

Kitchen on the Run

Project manager

 Kirsten Hommelhoff
Kirsten Hommelhoff
Director Mercator Centre Berlin
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