Mercator Salon: Islam in Europe - zenith Photo Award 2017

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Events by invitation only of Stiftung Mercator

In context of our event series "Mercator Salon" Stiftung Mercator invites you to an informal exchange with artists, writers, film makers and other people from public life.
This episode is about the presentation of the "zenith Photo Award 2017" titled "Islam in Europe", which takes place the evening before this event.
In a time when right-wing populist movements all across Europe have painted a hostile picture of Islam, what does Islam in Europe really look like? How do Muslims see themselves and their communities, and how do their non-Muslim neighbours see them?
Together with the award winners and our moderator, ARD journalist Nina Amin, we will elaborate the everyday experiences and pictorial highlights of Muslim life in Europe.


We are looking forward to your participation.

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 Franziska Roßland
Franziska Roßland
Event Manager
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