Mercator Roundtable: Stronger Now or Eroding at its Foundations? Democracy in Europe one Year After Trump

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A year ago there was much agitation about the threat of a wave of ‚populism‘ washing over established democracies. With Europe facing a series of important elections in 2017, analysts were concerned about the overthrow of mainstream governments by radical challengers and their negative consequences for democratic institutions.After elections in Austria (for president), the Netherlands and France did not produce a major upset, many declared the threat to be over. However, the recent German and Austrian (parliament) elections, confirming that also in Germany a ‘populist’ right-wing party can gain traction, put the issue back on the table.

Irrespective of the issue of individual electoral victories or defeats, clearly the stability of democracy in new and established European democracies can no longer be taken for granted.

Have concerns last year been well-founded? What is the landscape of anti-democratic tendencies across the EU? Is ‘populism’ a useful concept to describe the challenge? What has worked to defend democracy? What is the outlook for 2018 and beyond? To discuss these and other questions outlined in the attached concept note, we invite you to discuss with other democracy experts from across the EU.

We will cover your costs of travel and accommodation and have made a block booking in a near-by hotel for two nights (27.11. -29.11).

We are looking forward to your participation. Please send us an e-mail by November 17th, 2017 E-Mail.

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