Three core divisions are the pillars that form the structure of Stiftung Mercator: Science and Humanities, Education and International Affairs. An Executive Director is responsible for each division. In addition, there is the Commercial Affairs Division, which is headed by the Chief Financial Officer. Providing support to the Executive Board, the Executive Board Staff and Communication Department perform cross-divisional functions.

Within the three core divisions, the project managers work in six Centres and assume overarching responsibility for the four cluster themes Europe, Integration, Climate Change and Cultural Education.

In our Centre for Science and Humanities, we work towards achieving our socio-political objectives with and in the world of science and academia. We explore the interaction between science, politics and civil society, this being relevant to the work pursued by all of our centres. Furthermore, the Centre coordinates our activities in the Ruhr region.

In our Centre for Climate Change, we develop and promote projects which drive forward the energy transition as a trigger for global climate change mitigation.

The staff in our Centre for Education initiate and support programmes which increase the profile of cultural education in Germany. In addition, the Centre for Education focuses on the overarching challenges of transferring successful projects into widespread practice and the difficulties posed by the federal education system.

Our staff in the Centre for Integration develop and support programmes which offer better educational opportunities to children and young people.

The focus at the Centre for International Affairs is on projects which strengthen Europe’s cohesion and ability to act. When we refer to Europe, we also mean Turkey. In addition, staff at the Centre for International Affairs are committed to exchange with China and develop the intercultural skills of the foundation’s employees on a cross-centre basis.

Through our projects in the Centre for International Programmes and fellowships for young leaders, we support young people who are willing to take responsibility for the world of tomorrow. We accompany them on their path towards a career or give them personal development opportunities in training courses and seminars in international settings. We bring them together in innovative formats and create spaces in which people can share their thoughts and ideas about the pressing questions of our time.