Centre for Science and Humanities

The influence of science on almost every area of human life is growing constantly, as are society’s expectations of science. It is a question not only of the direct benefits that science and the humanities can offer society, but also of their potential to come up with answers to the questions of the future. Furthermore, solid and scientifically-founded education and training increasingly determine whether people are able to participate fully in society.

Against this backdrop, we promote science and the humanities with two different objectives:

On the one hand, we wish to influence the structural and institutional relationships within which science and the humanities are embedded, focusing particularly on the framework conditions for successful studies and regional cooperation between universities. Since the interfaces between science, policy and civil society are of particular importance to our foundation’s strategy, we address these in our own projects and as a challenge that concerns the foundation as a whole.

On the other, we involve ourselves in scientific and academic projects and cooperate with academic institutions with a view to achieving the objectives of our overarching thematic clusters of Europe, Integration, Climate Change and Cultural Education.

The activities to which we are committed always respect the autonomy of academia and science.

What is more, the Centre for Science and Humanities coordinates Stiftung Mercator’s activities in the Ruhr region.