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Mercator Fellowship Programme

Fellowship programme for researchers and practitioners

Mercator fellows are outstanding researchers and practitioners working on specific topics at either Stiftung Mercator or one of its renowned partner institutions. Their wide-ranging expertise and practical experience enable them to give crucial impetus to our work. The Fellowship Programme gives them the freedom they need to explore and develop unconventional ideas for solving central challenges society is facing.


To generate new impetus for resolving the pressing questions of our time

The Mercator Fellowship Programme was created with a view to further expanding the successful collaboration with fellows that has been in place since 2008. Its main objective is to provide outstanding researchers and practitioners with the freedom they need to pursue exploratory research and work. By offering an extensive programme and opportunities to work for a period of time at internationally renowned institutions, Stiftung Mercator is keen to generate new impetus for resolving central challenges facing society.


Interdisciplinary and exploratory research

The Fellowship Programme plays a key role in Stiftung Mercator’s work. It reflects our philosophy as a non-profit institution with clearly defined socio-political objectives and as a learning organization, which is  open to change, new themes and ideas. With their broad expertise and exceptional practical experience, our Mercator Fellows give crucial impetus to the foundation’s thematic fields. Mercator Fellows are outstanding researchers and practitioners who pursue interdisciplinary and exploratory work during their fellowships. A programme individually tailored to the fellows’ needs, coupled with an extensive network of civil society and government partners, allows us to offer our fellows the optimal framework within which to pursue their research interests. The fellows conduct analyses and discuss their ideas in academia, politics and the media.


Research at Stiftung Mercator or a partner institution

Mercator Fellowships last three to nine months and involve periods of work and research at Stiftung Mercator in Essen and Berlin or at partner institutions. Up to six fellows are selected each year. As a rule, suitable candidates are proposed by Stiftung Mercator departments and invited to submit an application. A jury decides whether to grant a fellowship. In addition, fellowships can be awarded following a joint call for applications with a partner institution or at the suggestion of external institutions.

Project manager

 Reena James
Reena James
Alumni Manager
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Stiftung Mercator’s contribution

Approved funding: 1.500.000 Euro Duration: 2013 - 2019

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