Simon Waldman


IPC Fellowship at SWP

Granting institution

Partner institution

Period of the Fellowship

August 2017 - August 2018

Project title

Beyond the European Union? The Future of British-Turkish Relations

Project description

This project will utilize primary data and consist of interviews with major British, Turkish, and European stakeholders and policy makers. The research will identify speedbumps in the road to greater British-Turkish cooperation in matters pertaining to trade, diplomacy, and strategic affairs.

Short biography

Simon A. Waldman is a visiting research fellow at King’s College London, where he was previously a lecturer in Middle Eastern studies. Simon’s research focuses on international diplomacy towards the Middle East, US and British foreign policy, state building in the Middle East, Turkish history and politics, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. He received a BSc (with honors) in Politics and Sociology at Brunel University before obtaining his MA and PhD from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, King’s College London.