Robert Cooper, Sir


Dahrendorf Senior Fellowship

Partner institution

Period of the Fellowship

December 2014 - March 2017

Project title

Dahrendorf Symposium 2016. Changing the European Debate: Europe and the World

Project description

Dahrendorf senior fellows advise the symposium speakers and participants, mentor the postdoctoral fellows individually or as a group, and serve as a point of contact for project managers. They also promote the project’s science-policy interface.

Short biography

Robert Cooper joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1970. He served in several postings including Japan and Germany and was appointed head of the Policy Planning Staff in 1989. He was made the UK’s Special Representative in Afghanistan, before taking up a post in the EU in 2002 which saw him assist with the implementation of a European strategic, security and defence policy. A well-known public intellectual, he is the author of influential studies on the modern world, e.g. ‘The Post-Modern State and the World Order’ (2000).