Mirko Hohmann


Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Period of the Fellowship


Project title

Geopolitics of technology: Challenges for western foreign policy

Short biography

During his fellowship year, Mirko Hohmann focuses on the intersection of technology policy and global security. He is a non-resident fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute, where he has previously worked as a project manager. He gained professional experience as a adjunct faculty member at the Hertie School of Governance, a visiting fellow at the German Marshall Fund and as an intern at the German Parliament and the Boston Consulting Group. His commentary has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Politico Europe, and Lawfare, among others. Mirko holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance and a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from the University of St. Gallen. He completed semesters abroad at the Universities of Austin and Dunedin.